All the features you need, and more!

No one needs training to use Kenchat QA for Enterprise. It is an intuitive software that will be adopted in your organization and staff quickly and easily.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The layout is crafted and designed based on how you will use the platform and on your specific needs, current questions and answers bank.

Categories & Templates

Editors can provide templates for customer support; these templates are categorized and labeled for later use.

Support Multiple Languages

The platform supports multiple languages including Arabic. Editors can also add new languages and new dialects.

Quickly Copy or Bookmark Answers

After finding the answer you are looking for, you can easily copy it or bookmark it for later use.

Auto Answer Suggestions

The platform automatically suggests answers by matching keywords or synonyms. Search results improve time after time, using Machine Learning techniques.

Search & Advanced Filters

Find the exact answers you need, or narrow down the result by filtering the answers bank.

Insights & Reports

Review and export the most important insightsto know where to focusyour efforts and discover your customers’ most frustrating concerns.

Moderation Tools

Editors can moderate answers and keep the content up-to-date. Labeling answers can be helpful for later use.

Rich Text

The platform supports rich text like bold italic, and emoji that can add a friendly feel to the sent messages.

Feedback & Requests

Members can share their feedback on each answer with the admin or editor, and request an update or addition.

Group & Member Management

You can create and manage several departments and add members with various roles and permissions.

Unlimited Users & Questions

There is no limit to the number of users that you can add to the same account, and no limit to the number of Questions & Answers.