A company's most vital asset is its customers. In our service-based economy, customer service is the cornerstone of success to thrive in a competitive market.

Kenchat QA for Enterprise is a private, custom and secure Q&A solution that stores all the info your enterprise needs to reply to inquiries. An invaluable tool for your company, it efficiently answers your customers’ questions, while building valuable content for your business. It gives everyone within your enterprise a voice, provides productive feedback in a timely and efficient manner, and reveals subject matter experts.

The QA format makes it easier for your customer support department and staff in general to quickly search and find the right answer to customers’ inquiries by simply typing some relevant keywords or pasting the customer’s questions and sharing bite-sized information without having to dig through stale documents and old sheets, or lost archives.

It is a private, secure home for your organization's questions and answers. Entirely customizable, Kenchat QA for Enterprise can be tailored for every purpose and every kind of business.